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Deckles, or block-off bars, are used to change the width of the extrudate on a Film, Coating or Sheet Die.  Allied Dies offers a wide range of Deckle styles for your extrusion needs.  Both external and internal Deckles are available.

External Deckles include fixed and flex-side T-Rail Deckles, sliding cantilever Deckles, yoke style Deckles and our fully adjustable during process Rapid Deckle TM.

Internal Deckles are designed as fixed length full cavity Deckles, partial cavity Deckles or adjustable Deckles for edge profile control.


Internally Deckled Die



Adapter Pipes and Feed Tubes

Allied Dies designs and manufactures a complete line of ancillary components to connect Dies and Feedblooks to new or existing extruders, screen changers or melt pumps.

Transition plates and routing blocks for directing flow to multi-manifold Dies are also available.

The same considerations employed in Die and Feedblock design are factored in the design of melt transfer pipes.  Streamlined flow passages, with a balance of pressure drop, shear stress and residence time provide for easy cleaning and safe operation.

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