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DuraFlow   Feedblock & Co Extrusion Systems 

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Allied Dies offers a superior designed and manufactured  Co-Extrusion Feedblock to compliment our current product line of Film, Coating and Sheet Dies.  Our Co-Extrusion Dies are designed with low-shear flow passages that enhance uniform layer distribution and improve overall gauge control, while minimizing residence time: resulting in less frequent cleaning, excellent color changes and the ability to process thermally sensitive polymers.  Our Dies equipped with DuraGauge     Lip Adjustment System offer a fast responsive and repeatable cross web gauge control for uniform roll build up.

As you know, the purpose of a Feedblock is to combine the melt stream of various polymers, arrange them into the appropriate layer sequence and deliver that "sandwich" of material to a Die.  The Feedlock should have provisions to compensate for some viscosity mis-match of the confluent polymers.  It should also match the shear stress and average velocity of the polymers as they converge.  We designed the DuraFlow    to optimize the co-extrusion process.  The layers are combined over a flat profile, rather than round, making any compensation for layer uniformity much easier.  The feedblock was designed to provide uniform layer distribution, minimize interfacial instability and process a variety of polymers.  Additionally, the design is very functional form an operational, maintenance and cleaning standpoint.

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Whether its oxygen or moisture barrier for rigid or flexible packaging, adding colored cap layers, burying recycle, adding a heat - seal layer, making stripes or combining any performance enhancing polymers, Allied Dies, Inc. has the  expertise and products to help improve your product.

-  Improve layer uniformity

-  Versatility and flexibility are built into every system

-  Multi-Manifold Dies

-  Feedblocks and Single Manifold Dies

-  Co-extrusion Dies for producing alternating stripes of polymer.

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