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Sheet production constitutes the largest segment of the flat-web extrusion process.  A wide range of polymers, thicknesses and widths is processed into sheet.  Producers of vinyl siding, refrigerators liners, thermoformed packaging, building and construction, medical, heavy industrial parts and everything in between, are discovering the advantages of using Allied Dies proven technology and quality tooling.

Allied has years of proven experience with both the polymers and various Sheet processes to optimize production rates and quality of the sheet.  We have Dies producing high-quality optical grade sheet and multi-layered co-extruded sheet used for recreational vehicles.  Our Dies and Feedblooks are producing 

sheet used for oxygen and moisture limiting thermoformed packaging.

Sheet Dies are designed and built in a wide range of configurations.  Restrictor Bars, DuraGuage  Automacitc Lip Adjustment, RapidGap TM, Compound angled lips, deckles and many other options will optimize your Die to save material and time.

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RapidGap TM  Patents








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Dual Manifold Die

Dual RapidGap TM

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RapidGap TM  Lip Adjustment System extends the lip opening range for a Sheet Die, without having to change a replaceable lip.  The patent pending design permits single point adjustment of one or both lips, allowing the processors to better control machine direction orientation in the sheet.  When used with a conventional manual or DuraGauge    Lip System, the RapidGap TM  is used to separate the gauge control from the overall gap control.  The RapidGap TM  feature is also used to quickly open Die Lips, allowing trapped particles or contamination to be flushed out of the flow cavity.  This is done without disrupting the gauge control.  Once cleaned the lip is returned to the original gap setting. 

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