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Slot Die Coating is a repeatable reliable coating method for solvent and aqueous fluids, as well as Hot Melt adhesives and other specialty coating applications.  Slot Die Coating offers many advantages over alternate coating methods.  The pre-metered application in a properly designed system, provides uniform coat weights, with the ability to handle a wide range of viscosities, flow rates and solids content, with extremely thin coatings capable of being applied to a wide range of substrates.

The Slot DIe process provides a closed delivery path eliminating potentially harmful volatiles of solvent-based fluids from evaporation and the resultant change in viscosity and consistency in the coating.  It also prevents evaporation and contamination of the coating fluid.  Pre-metered deposition of the coating also results in more uniform coatings.

Fixed Slot Die

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DuraCoat    Slot Dies are designed and built as Fixed Slot Dies, Flexible Lip Dies, with or without hardened Lip Inserts.  Dies are constructed from corrosion resistant materials to the highest quality and precision. 

Please contact the technical team at ADI to discuss your coating requirements

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Stripes and patterns can be easily applied using the DuraCoat     Slot Die process.

Triple Manifold

DuraCoat     Slot Die

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DuraCoat     DIe Coating Station

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Die Coating Station

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